Shower Cleaning Puck


These gorgeous soaps will arrive to you unlabeled and wrapped in tissue paper!


Weight when packaged 76g - unscented!


Don't want to spend too much energy cleaning the inside of your shower or bath tub? Well now you can do it while taking a shower! All you need do is lather up a cloth with the " Shower Cleaning Puck", give everything a wipe over and then simply wash off! I personally prefer to use a microfiber cloth. This product contains no nasty chemicals and is fragrance free. Perfect for a natural way to clean the scum off your shower and bath surfaces.


 Ingredients: Coconut Oil, White Vinegar, Sodium Hydroxide and Coco Betaine. 


*No Sodium Hydroxide remains after the saponification process in soap making. This soap is made by the cold process soap making technique.


Palm free!

Shower Cleaning Puck


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